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Reachable empowers employees in companies to work as a team to smartly leverage collective personal and corporate relationships to gain a competitive edge.  The Reachable solution is based on a foundation of rich and high quality data, powerful graph analytics, and best practices focused on collaboration, privacy protection, and contact data ownership by users.  Enterprises can now super-charge their employees with Reachable and give them a unique tool to win in today’s highly competitive and fast paced environment.

How It Works

Peter used his Team’s contacts to get a referral to the CEO of Salesforce.com

Why People Love Reachable

My sales team and I have been using Reachable for several years. There is no better way to get connected to a target prospect. Being able to see the many ways in which you are connected is indispensable and have resulted in easier face to face meetings and time savings. We have seen our connect ratio increase dramatically when a warm introduction is used. It’s easy to research a company in the profile section and past history of contacts allow for additions to prospect target lists. The continuous improvements over the years have made Reachable an easy and powerful sales tool.

Rich Lombardi

Senior Sales Manager

I had a high-level executive I needed to get in front of - Reachable instantly recommended seven mutual relationships in order to achieve a warm intro. The top connector was a friend who also sat on the same board as the executive I wanted to reach! He was the best path, with the strongest relationships and as a result I was able to connect with a key decision maker.

Amy Dordek

Managing Director, GrowthPlay

I’ve saved my favorite tool for last. It’s Reachable (nominated by author Dave Kurlan), a service that integrates with your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts, and does something magical from there. Their algorithm analyzes who your contacts are and who they know, where they’ve lived and worked, and tells you who among your contacts can introduce you to anyone you may be seeking.

Stu Heinecke

Author, How to Get a Meeting with Anyone (BenBella Books, 2016)

Sales Teams Need a Collective Rolodex

  • Set up a Reachable Team for the Sales organization and everyone else!
  • Use Reachable’s predictive pathfinding to leads and accounts
  • Data to Research your Target Accounts and Curated Lists at your fingertips.
  • Salesforce integration and browser plug-in.
Reachable Search
  • Sales Teams Need a Collective Rolodex
  • Recruiters Need a Collective Rolodex

    • Set up a Reachable Team for the Recruiting organization and everyone else!
    • Use Reachable’s Connection Paths to conduct reference checks on potential recruits
    • Use Reachable’s predictive pathfinding to recruits
    • Salesforce integration and browser plug-in.
  • Recruiters Need a Collective Rolodex
  • Fundraisers Need a Collective Rolodex

    • Set up a Reachable Team for the Executive team and everyone else!
    • Use Reachable’s predictive pathfinding to investors
    • Data to Research your investors and Curated Lists of investors at your fingertips.
    • Salesforce integration and browser plug-in.
  • Fundraisers Need a Collective Rolodex
    • Ideal for Account-Based Sales

      Reachable automatically associates all the known employees of a Target Account to that Account and calculates the best path to each one of these employees — the ultimate tool to find the way to penetrate any account!

      Target Account Mapping

      Reachable easily imports lists of your Target Accounts and key influencers. Reachable then runs our relationship analytics to see best connections paths into your accounts.

      Weak Account Mapping

      Reachable further identifies target accounts that are not well covered and guides your hiring strategy.

      Unknown Account Mapping

      Reachable also identifies accounts not on your target list who should be according to the relationship strength of your firm.

      Reachable Everywhere

      Reachable’s relationship intelligence platform is always on where and when you work. Whether from our flagship user interface, social networks like LinkedIn, or your Enterprise CRM like Salesforce. Reachable’s Relationship Intelligence platform is available to empower sales, recruiting & business development efforts in just one click or easily integrated inside your business intelligence systems or your APIs.

      Reachable is integrated into Salesforce to quickly score all enterprise Accounts, leads and contacts. Reachable’s relationship paths are easily digested on demand while inside salesforce as users review accounts.

      Download our Salesforce one sheet here

      Reachable’s Interface is simplistic and elegant. Users simply search, or upload lists of their target accounts to quickly understand relationship paths. Individuals easily integrate their personal rolodex from gmail, Outlook, Facebook and linkedIn to fuel your firm’s relationship graph.

      Reachable is easily leveraged inside CapitalIQ with our Chrome extension. Users simply look at a relevant contact or firm, then reachable’s path analytics render for warm intros or insights to accounts of interest. 

      Reachable fuels your LinkedIn searches. with our Chrome extension, Reachable automatically understand which company or individual you have an interest in – then renders relationship Paths.

      Reachable’s smart relationship data is ingested via an API into your BI, software APPs and proprietary algorithms that fuel sales and recruiting endeavors. Further, APP developers can you various modules to embed into their environment

      B2B Data Marketplace at Your Fingertips

      All the data you need to research your accounts and leads can be accessed on Reachable.
      Don’t have enough accounts to prospect? Access curated lists of accounts from many sources.

      The Value of Interconnected Relationships

      For over 175 years, we’ve been passionate about what the power of data can do to help grow companies.

      But data alone is not enough.

      Creating growth is dependent on how you use insights and information to deepen and recognize the opportunities hidden in your relationships with your customers, prospects, suppliers and partners. By identifying the most valuable relationships within your data, you’ll be able to model behaviors and predict smarter outcomes that lead to better results. These decisions will ultimately affect the success – or failure – of your business. That’s why we’ve compiled the most comprehensive and accurate repository of business data on the planet – to help supplement your existing information so you have a more informed understanding of who you’re doing business with.

      A division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI)

      is a leading provider of financial, business, research, data and analytics to financial institutions and corporations worldwide.  Reachable users* can search S&Ps People database, leverage its data to find useful connections, view personal and business profiles, and access curated lists of potential targets.

      S&P’s People database is backed by specialized information management professionals and analysts dedicated to collecting and continuously updating information about some of the most important companies In the US and inlet nationally, including financial institutions, private equity funds, investment banks, asset managers, non-profit entities, educational institutions, and public and private corporations in every key market around the world.

      A premier B2B information services company

      that provides premium content and contact solutions for customers in business, government, professional, and non-profit organizations.  LDI has developed a unique database of over 950,000 government, business, legal, media, and nonprofit positions, at more than 150,000 parent and subsidiary organizations.

      LDI prides itself in the accuracy of its data, and its tireless focus, and commitment to quality.  The LDI database is updated daily, processing over 20,000 changes per week.   Reachable users* can search LDI’s database, leverage its data to find useful connections, view personal and business profiles, and access curated lists of potential targets.   Based in Washington DC and New York City, LDI was founded in 1969.

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      Reachable shows you how you're connected through people you know.

      Our Pricing

      Our launch plan begins at $25K. Gold & Platinum Plans enable additional software and services.

      Jumpstart Sales, get up and running in a snap!
      Collective Rolodex
      Target Account Path Finding
      Chrome Extension
      Salesforce Integration
      Advanced prospecting and target account pathfinding
      Everything Launch plus:
      Dun & Bradstreet data plan
      Leadership Directories data plan
      S&P Capital IQ data plan
      Software Development Kits and API for the Enterprise
      Everything in Launch & Gold Plus:
      Relationship Intelligence Maps
      Professional Services
      Custom Development

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