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Reachable discovers and scores the maze of relationships among people and among companies, empowering its enterprise customers to leverage their relationship capital to drive sales and increase profitability. 

TeamReach for Enterprises

TeamReach pools the reach of personal and corporate relationships to answer “Who Do We Know?” as an enterprise, and finally unleashes the power of your Enterprise Business Graph .

Managing Data

Reachable analyzes data that enterprise clients and individual users entrust to us, including custom and standard objects from and other CRM systems, as well as contact records from popular contact managers and social networks. Reachable’s importers automate data imports into Reachable’s data cloud. 

Reachable API

Reachable’s APIs are designed to publish its analytics and application modules to a broad range of web sites, CRM systems and partner applications so that Reachable’s valuable insights could be found everywhere and anywhere our users need it.

The Enterprise Business Graph Yields Valuable Insights for Sales, Business Development and Many Other Uses

Reachable is able to discover extensive relationship networks and stitch them together – these relationships constitute an Enterprise Business Graph.  This is the sum of the relationships that an organization could leverage if it had appropriate business processes and software tools.  Reachable provides these tools and works with companies adopt the right business processes that will encourage the best use of its capabilities.

Reachable increases enterprise profitability by super-charging its employees with tools that extend their reach and give them unique insights.

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Reachable Creates an Invaluable Corporate Asset by Analyzing a Vast Array of Data

Reachable discovers and scores relationships among people and among companies.  It delivers rich insights and connection paths to its users, enabling them to understand the pathways they can use to connect with prospects and open multiple doors at companies with which they want to do business.

Reachable applies relationship analytics to data collected, with permission, from enterprise users and enterprise records, and augmented with Reachable’s own data cloud aggregated from the Web and commercial databases, covering 2 million companies and 30 million individuals.

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At any stage of a sales funnel, Reachable recommends personalized pathways to contacts based on the strength of personal and enterprise relationships.


Your Reach

Reachable enables its users to better use their networks by finding the pathways to prospects and accounts, and giving them insights that will help them better leverage relationships to yield more Connects, Call Backs, and Appointments. 


Personalized Paths

Reachable analytics take into account the individual user’s network, and yields pathways to prospects and accounts that are completely personalized and based on the best available data at the time.  All of Reachable’s paths are generated in real time.


Enterprise Reach

TeamReach pools the personal networks of everyone in the enterprise, with permission, together with data on enterprise relationships and Reachable’s data cloud.  TeamReach allows enterprise users to leverage the collective power of personal networks in the enterprise and corporate relationship. 

Commitment to Privacy

Our customers tell us that their “relationships are like gold.”  We designed Reachable with that in mind, making sure that we can help them derive as much value from these relationships while protecting their data.

Reachable relies on data uploaded by its users and its enterprise customers to make our paths recommendations completely personalized and more accurate. We do not provide access or sell that data to recruiters or anyone.  We do not track email traffic either.

TeamReach creates a virtual “blind and locked collective Rolodex” for the enterprise.   Reachable analyzes the data of all the enterprise users to find the best paths that the group has to a prospect or account but the users themselves can’t see other users’ data.  Only Reachable’s search engine has access to the data.  Reachable does not comingle data or transfer any data from one user to another.  Once TeamReach signals that a path to a target goes through a co-worker, the user must contact that co-worker for insights into that relationship and help.

Reachable also abides by a “Bring Your Own Data/Take Your Own Data” policy which gives total control over data to the person or entity that uploaded data into Reachable.  Data imported into Reachable remains the property of whoever imported it, and can be deleted by them at any time.

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Who We Are

Reachable was founded to help business people leverage their relationships to get business done faster and more efficiently. We did not set out to build a social network with many intrusions into people’s busy lives. Just the most powerful tool ever built to figure out who can help you get things done, in sales, business development, recruitment and other fields. Our team has experience in sales, business development, social networking, operations planning, artificial intelligence and interactive design. It takes a lot of different disciplines to reinvent the truism “it’s not what you know but who you know.” But we feel up to the task!


Laurent Ohana

Laurent Ohana

Chairman & CEO

Laurent co-founded Reachable in 2007 and after acting as Chairman he returned to active duty as CEO in 2013. Laurent has been investing in, advising, and operating Web companies in the U.S., Europe, Israel and Asia, since the early 1990’s at New Media Capital and then Parkview Ventures. His interests include Identity Management, Privacy, AdTech, FinTech, FoodTech, E-commerce, and IP harvesting. He studied economics at Berkeley and law at NYU and started his career as a mergers & acquisitions lawyer at Fried Frank in NYC.

J. David Southern

J. David Southern

Senior Engineer

David is a major contributor to the development of Reachable’s platform, having joined the company near its inception. A multi-talented developer with strong mastery of the skills needed to build a cloud-based SaaS platform, he is leading the development on our data collection and management infrastructure and our graph algorithm and analytics. David also works with other members of our team on client engagements and contributes to the product strategy. David previously worked at AutoSimulations and Brooks Automation, and graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.S in Computer Science.

Darlene Newman

Darlene Newman

VP & Senior Producer

Ms. Newman has over 15 years of experience in finance, digital content, and technology, and a passion for making sense of data through the development of industry-leading technologies. Darlene has held senior operating roles at several Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Newman has a BS in Entrepreneurship & Finance from the University of Arizona, including a degree in the University’s top seeded Entrepreneurship Program, and an MBA from University of Oxford, England.

Suzanne Jackowski

Suzanne Jackowski

Advisor, Data Science

Suzanne builds data-driven, social web products. From concept to launch and on to revenue optimization, she takes a strategic, business-first approach to development, and has a proven track record of building high-performing cross-functional dev teams while reducing costs. She has 15 years of hands-on engineering experience including deep expertise in database architecture, performance, and scalability strategies.

Tom Nicholson

Tom Nicholson

Advisor, Product UX

Founder of Nicholson NY, a leading U.S. digital agency sold to IconMedialab AB and the Interpublic Group to become IconNicholson where he led the firm’s US growth as CEO. Under his leadership IconNicholson was named among the world’s top-three creative agencies by Ad Age and consistently ranked among the leading U.S. digital agencies by Forrester Research.

Greg Fiorindo

Greg Fiorindo

Advisor, Product Vision

Greg spent ten years at cloud computing leader (NYSE:CRM) in sales and sales leadership roles, focused on both the enterprise and mid-market segments. While he was at, the company grew from $26 million in revenue in 2002 to over $2 billion in 2011. Before, Fiorindo spent over eight years at Oracle in sales, sales management and professional services roles.

Sathish Kumar

Sathish Kumar

Advisor, Technology

Sathish is leading the integration of Reachable’s application into and other CRM platforms. With over 15 years of software development experience, many of them working on integration of software applications in, Sathish is working on ways to creatively mesh Reachable’s relationship analytics capabilities and the wealth of enterprise data stored in CRM systems. Sathish is also working with other members of our team on product strategy. Sathish previously worked at Ribbit, MacroVision and Phoenix Technologies, and graduated from Elumalai Polytechnic College in India.

Eric Bonabeau

Eric Bonabeau

Advisor, Analytics

A leader in Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics, Chairman and Founder of Icosystem Corporation, Practitioner Fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, and CEO of Eurobios, a joint venture with Cap Gemini and E&Y to apply science to a range of business issues. Author of one hundred and fifty articles ranging from Science, Nature, PNAS, or Physical Review Letters to Scientific American and Harvard Business Review, and two books.

Paul Stevens

Paul Stevens

Advisor, Architect

Paul has focused his career on building software and algorithms on large-scale data sets to solve real-world problems. He has over 15 years of experience in graph theory, scheduling, routing, and optimization problems across industries, ranging from semi-conductor to genealogy. As a co-founder of Reachable, Paul focused on system architecture and graph theory, specifically on analyzing connections between people and companies within massive personal and professional social graphs.

Don’t just take our word for it

"Reachable has enabled us to quickly warm-up prospects and move through the sales cycle in a faster, unique way."

− Bob Swedroe, CEO, Expandable Software

"Reachable helps quickly identify the best paths to the people we need to connect with. This is invaluable in getting access to the right decision makers quickly"

− Dean Whitney, CEO, Aericon

"To best way to create high value partnerships quickly is through introductions. Between our founders and advisors Reachable can connect us with just about anyone from VC's to brand partnerships"

− Paul Trevithick, Founder, Azigo