4 Ways to Increase Your Sales Productivity by 243%

If you’re like most small business owners, selling is the least favorite part of what you do. What if you knew there was an easy way to make it way more likely that when you call a client or prospect to make a sale, you’d get a call back? According to a study by Reachable, (more…)

Social Proximity: A Smarter Sales Organization Strategy

Every good sales professional knows that leveraging personal contacts is a fantastic way to generate leads and close deals. A recent study by Reachable places numeric values on this common knowledge: The Value of Connections infographic illustrates the findings of the study, which took a look at a random sample of 300 business professionals involved in the purchase process at their companies. (more…)

The Value of Personal Connections in Sales

PALO ALTO, CA – June 5, 2012 Today, we are releasing the results of research we recently conducted to understand the value of personal connections in the sales process; in particular, when it comes to the returning of sales phone calls.  The detailed results can be seen in the infographic below (more…)