How Hillary Clinton Managed to Endorse Reachable’s Data Policy!

March 11, 2015
It’s been two years now that we have been telling CIOs and CEOs that BYOD/TYOD was coming to their enterprise.  We meant “Bring Your Own Data / Take Your Own Data.”
On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said:   “For any government employee, it is that government employee’s responsibility to determine what’s personal and what’s work related…”  WOAW!
If we struck the word “government” from that sentence, I am pretty sure that every CIO in the US (and beyond) would take issue with it.  (Equally sure that the CIO at State and CIA/NSA would also disagree but that’s not a topic for this blog).  For many, she touched the Third Rail.  Someone had to because the issue of who owns and controls the digital footprint and interactions of employees has been swept under the rug for too long.
We have seen the change coming and we believe that its not reversible.  Individuals are learning to take control of their data in the Cloud.  As many relationships are being formed online or quickly becoming digital by means of the obligatory LinkedIn connection request post-meeting or follow up email, a lot of relationship data is accumulating online, in the Cloud.
When individuals take a job, that relationship Cloud is likely to remain cordoned off from enterprise use.  This is certainly the case that individuals will cordon it off if the enterprise by whom they are employed claims ownership of an individual’s relationship data cloud.
Reachable took the position, to the consternation of some CIOs’, that for individuals to share their personal relationship Cloud with the employers, the employers had to disclaim exclusive ownership of it.  That’s why we came up with Bring Your Own Data / Take Your Own Data — in the end, it is extremely beneficial to the enterprise to have access to as much relationship data as possible, and it does not need to have exclusive ownership of digital relationships — like claiming ownership in the LinkedIn connections an employee has developed.  (Really…!)
Secretary Clinton, for one, took the position she was entitled to control her data.
Soon this will be the practical reality in the enterprise, aided by Cloud computing, consumerization of the Enterprise, and the attitudes of the “sharing” generation.  Luckily, Reachable is ready for that day and can provide clients and users a state of the art Relationship Analytics platform that strikes the right balance between personal relationship data and enterprise CRM.  If you have not yet spoken to our sales team, do it now: