Best Sales Team: Lone Wolves or Wolf Pack?

What’s more effective a lone wolf or a wolf pack?

The reaction to my “Everyone is in sales” blog was swift.

Comments included: “Salespeople are competitive with each other and don’t collaborate” and “People in organizations don’t want to help the salespeople because the salespeople get all the credit (and money) and the helpers just get extra work.”

There is a view that better let the salespeople be salespeople — lone wolves.  Give them the latest gadgets to make them better hunters and get out of the way.

Some People’s View of The Ideal Salesperson

(“Mexican Wolf 2 yfb-edit 1” by Clark, Jim (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) – [1]. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

However, prospects are increasingly well educated about what they are looking for.  Aggressive content marketing by competitors results in prospects having ready access to comparative information about products.  Salespeople don’t have the information advantage, sometimes even about their own products.

To win, salespeople need to be capable of orchestrating the work of an internal team.  Having visibility inside their enterprise to understand who has valuable insights to win a deal is critical.

Enterprises that fail to enable their wolves to work in packs along with everyone else in the company will suffer the fate of another animal, the Dinosaur!

 (photo: Creative Commons)

Reachable started as a solution for lone wolves.  The core Reachable product allows anyone to create an individual account, set up lists of targets, and let Reachable analyze their contacts from LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook, and Gmail.  It figures out their best connection paths to these targets along with valuable insights about people, companies and their relationships and affiliations.

We too evolved when we realized that the future is in Collective Sales Intelligence, and we added the Team functionality.

Team enables anyone to create a team of people he/she wants to cooperate with and link their Reachable accounts in a way that protects their private data while enabling the discovery of who knows who in the team.

If you are interested in learning about how to create a Team for your company or a group of collaborators, please contact and ask.  If you are not presently a Reachable user and want to try it, visit our web site and create your account here (of course, we have a video!)

Laurent Ohana, CEO