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Reachable Updates User Interface for Version 2.0

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In advance of the release of Reachable 3.0 later this Fall, Reachable today updated the User Interface  to its current Version 2.0 version.  Two new User Interface improvements were made that will give users greater connection path visibility and more extensive filtering capabilities. These updates are being released in Beta to generate user feedback. The application UI may still change somewhat though the features are fully functional.

The updates are easy to use and self-explanatory but here are brief descriptions:

Super-Connector Paths.  As you know, the Reachable application exposes all the possible connection paths from a user (or team of users using TeamReach) to a possible business opportunity, target person or company, whether these are generated by information from personal (social networks, email address books), public (commercial databases, the public internet) or enterprise (, CRM) data sources.  Reachable gives the user essential information on relationship paths that he or she may have to potential business opportunities.

When analyzing a user’s network, some people stand out – they are super-connectors and they open multiple doors to a target.  In this release, we are enabling users to explore all the paths to a target that emanate from super-connectors in a streamlined way. Visual, clickable indicators displaying the number of nested paths leading from a super-connector to a target will now appear within Reachable search results, and will expand when clicked-upon to display all paths through that super-connector.  This new feature will help users understand the value of super-connectors, people that can really help and merit careful attention and nurturing.

See examples below of the new “+#” indicators and the pages that display multiple paths through a super-connector.  As before, these paths are displayed according to the connection path strength score calculated by Reachable’s proprietary algorithms.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 9.40.21 AM

Here’s a view of the drill down for one of the super-connectors shown above:

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 9.43.38 AM

As mentioned, this new feature is in Beta to solicit feedback though it is fully functional. Please use the links included within the application for feedback or send us an email at

Network Filters.  One of Reachable’s key features has been its filtering capabilities.  Filters help users navigate the multiple attribute networks that connect them to other people and companies, and help them pinpoint the best connectors to opportunities. With Reachable filters, users have been able to designate the sources of relationship data they specifically want to view, whether these be social networks or email contacts, and indicate specific types of networks they want to browse (e.g., colleagues, executives, customers). Increasingly, as Reachable has integrated proprietary enterprise data for specific customers (e.g. Salesforce custom data objects), Reachable’s filters screen has had to expand as well. The Reachable 2.0 filters screen will start to evolve by previewing capabilities we have developed for Reachable’s 3.0′s filters.

The new Network Filters panel appears in the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 9.47.07 AM

This new feature is in Beta to generate feedback but is fully functional. Feel free to give us your feedback using the links included within the application or sending us an email at Additionally, should you have any questions concerning this release feel free to contact us at

Again, we believe these changes will significantly improve the user experience for Reachable Version 2.0. But this is only the beginning of many changes and improvements to the Reachable experience. Stay tuned to this blog for additional product and company news over the next few weeks and months.

The Enterprise Business Graph

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Online social networks have enabled a revolution in communications of unprecedented reach, empowering people to easily connect and reconnect with friends, family and professional contacts.  By giving people the tools to communicate in new ways, social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have been able to amass a tremendous amount of information about people and their relationships and now manage large “social graphs” which they are monetizing by selling access to their user data.  Facebook sells demographic and purchasing preference data to advertisers, and LinkedIn sells access to its professional audience’s biographical and work experience information to recruiters.  They are both immensely profitable demonstrating that social graph data is extremely valuable.

Public social networks’ appeal lies in their providing a valuable utility to individual users.  They were never intended to be enterprise tools, although enterprises have used them for outward looking activities such as marketing and messaging, on Facebook, and recruiting, on LinkedIn.  Further, since public social networks’ business model is geared to selling their members’ data their interests are antithetical to the interest of enterprises.  Enterprises are clearly not interested in having their entire workforces conducting business on public social networks, inadvertently leaking enterprise activities (travel plans, connections with prospects, or descriptions of the projects on which they are working or have worked) on their Facebook and LinkedIn activity streams, or even worse, having their workforce’s detailed skills and expertise marketed to competitors.

We at Reachable believe that while public social networks have amassed massive relationship data (Friends, Followers and Connections) about their users, this relationship data cannot be readily leveraged by enterprises or by the users themselves in an enterprise context.

Reachable set out to develop the tools to enable enterprises to amass and leverage their own relationship data into an enterprise social graph or, as we call it, an Enterprise Business Graph.

Reachable’s “EBG” have a number of critical features:

  • Reachable is a cloud-based, private platform.  On Reachable, an enterprise can develop its Enterprise Business Graph without exposing its proprietary data to the world.  Reachable has also designed privacy rules and controls designed to protect users’ Social Capital as it is brought within the enterprise IT environment on personal devices and personal cloud services.
  • Reachable integrates social data from employees (imported from their social networks and contact managers) with enterprise data found in CRM systems and other data repositories.  Enterprise data includes information about commercial relationships with vendors, customers, partners and other entities.   These entities have an incentive to share insights about prospects and accounts with the enterprise for their mutual benefits. These special relationships can be brought into the Enterprise Business Graph and exposed to the necessary employees in the company.
  • Reachable’s initial focus is on leveraging the Enterprise Business Graph for sales and business development.  Reachable answers the questions “Who do We Know?” at the enterprise level to identify paths from sales teams to prospects that leverage their own connections, connections of colleagues, and special relationships that the enterprise has with other entities.  Reachable is geared to facilitate the creation of a comprehensive EBG covering the entire enterprise, and to facilitate the sharing of insights inside the enterprise about prospects and accounts.

We at Reachable believe that no effective implementation of “social enterprise” technology can evolve into a strategic business system to leverage the social capital of an enterprise, or its Enterprise Business Graph, unless it is private and can intelligently manage enterprise relationship data and individual relationship data.  We believe that Reachable has developed the tools to build Enterprise Business Graphs and that it has the knowhow to help enterprises create the policies to engender use of this new powerful business system.

Facebook is Catching Up to LinkedIn as a Professional Network

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Editor’s Note: This article by Reachable CEO Al Campa was originally published on PandoDaily.

LinkedIn has done a masterful job of establishing itself as the professional network — the top place to post résumés and connect with business colleagues. The network has done an even better job of monetizing its 175 million members’ résumés into a $1 billion-dollar business with $10 billion in market capitalization. Read More

Use The Power of Personal Connections with Reachable

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Social Discovery of Business Relationships

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Enterprises big and small are realizing that the capabilities introduced in consumer social networks can add immense value and productivity to the corporate world.  The growth in adoption of enterprise social networking tools like Yammer, Chatter and Jive is evidence that the way companies communicate internally among employees and externally with customers and partners is changing dramatically and permanently. Read More