Cold Calling is Useless!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Prospects ask me “what can you do with a Collective Rolodex?”
I usually answer with one of these questions:
  • Have you ever sent an email around the office asking “who knows someone at XYZ, Inc., we are trying to win a big deal over there!”  
  • Are you one of those companies that has an intern or executive assistant with access to everyone’s LinkedIn passwords and charged with downloading them all into a big spreadsheet?
Now these are all examples of companies reacting to the lack of a Collective Rolodex.  Instinctively, everyone knows that if your work group or company had a way to leverage everyone’s contacts, it would lead to better outcomes.
In a highly competitive world, every service provider gets easily commoditized.
Are you really that different from your competitor? How will you get the sale or assignment or project?  
Relationships give you an edge with the information you need to win, and a foundation of trust to differentiate yourself.
This past week I was speaking to a CEO who manages a successful software services business that he grew to $20M in the last 3 years.  His secret? Nearly 100% of new business generation came from referrals from a network of “super connectors” linked into a Collective Rolodex with his sales team.  The sales team develops the target list, then runs it through the Collective Rolodex to discover how the Super Connectors could help with a referral.  To that CEO, building a strong network of Super Connectors is a key growth initiative.
With Reachable Teams, you can do it too.
Any Reachable user can create a Team with their Basic, Pro or Premium accounts, automatically becoming the Administrator for that Team.  As the Admin, you can invite anyone to your Team.  People from your organization or outside it — you decide.  So, if you want to invite people you know that would be happy to make introductions for a commission, or even just give you some insights about a target account as a courtesy, you can invite them to your Team with a simple click.
In a connected world, your company is as strong as its network.  
Reachable Teams give you an affordable way to build a Collective Rolodex to leverage that enterprise network.
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