Reachable Updates User Interface for Version 2.0 - Reachable

In advance of the release of Reachable 3.0 later this Fall, Reachable today updated the User Interface  to its current Version 2.0 version.  Two new User Interface improvements were made that will give users greater connection path visibility and more extensive filtering capabilities. These updates are being released in Beta to generate user feedback. The application UI may still change somewhat though the features are fully functional.

The updates are easy to use and self-explanatory but here are brief descriptions:

Super-Connector Paths.  As you know, the Reachable application exposes all the possible connection paths from a user (or team of users using TeamReach) to a possible business opportunity, target person or company, whether these are generated by information from personal (social networks, email address books), public (commercial databases, the public internet) or enterprise (, CRM) data sources.  Reachable gives the user essential information on relationship paths that he or she may have to potential business opportunities.

When analyzing a user’s network, some people stand out – they are super-connectors and they open multiple doors to a target.  In this release, we are enabling users to explore all the paths to a target that emanate from super-connectors in a streamlined way. Visual, clickable indicators displaying the number of nested paths leading from a super-connector to a target will now appear within Reachable search results, and will expand when clicked-upon to display all paths through that super-connector.  This new feature will help users understand the value of super-connectors, people that can really help and merit careful attention and nurturing.

See examples below of the new “+#” indicators and the pages that display multiple paths through a super-connector.  As before, these paths are displayed according to the connection path strength score calculated by Reachable’s proprietary algorithms.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 9.40.21 AM

Here’s a view of the drill down for one of the super-connectors shown above:

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 9.43.38 AM

As mentioned, this new feature is in Beta to solicit feedback though it is fully functional. Please use the links included within the application for feedback or send us an email at

Network Filters.  One of Reachable’s key features has been its filtering capabilities.  Filters help users navigate the multiple attribute networks that connect them to other people and companies, and help them pinpoint the best connectors to opportunities. With Reachable filters, users have been able to designate the sources of relationship data they specifically want to view, whether these be social networks or email contacts, and indicate specific types of networks they want to browse (e.g., colleagues, executives, customers). Increasingly, as Reachable has integrated proprietary enterprise data for specific customers (e.g. Salesforce custom data objects), Reachable’s filters screen has had to expand as well. The Reachable 2.0 filters screen will start to evolve by previewing capabilities we have developed for Reachable’s 3.0′s filters.

The new Network Filters panel appears in the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 9.47.07 AM

This new feature is in Beta to generate feedback but is fully functional. Feel free to give us your feedback using the links included within the application or sending us an email at Additionally, should you have any questions concerning this release feel free to contact us at

Again, we believe these changes will significantly improve the user experience for Reachable Version 2.0. But this is only the beginning of many changes and improvements to the Reachable experience. Stay tuned to this blog for additional product and company news over the next few weeks and months.