Reachable Updates User Interface for Version 2.0

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In advance of the release of Reachable 3.0 later this Fall, Reachable today updated the User Interface  to its current Version 2.0 version.  Two new User Interface improvements were made...

Use The Power of Personal Connections with Reachable

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As salespeople, we have always tried to leverage our friends, our Rolodex and now our social networking connections to improve our chances for making a sale. The team at Reachable...

Reachable’s ‘Social Proximity’ Helps Close Deals On

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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and Reachable wants to help users get to know a lot more people. Reachable will be showcasing its application allowing...

Social Proximity: are LinkedIn’s days numbered?

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Reachable is multi-network, drawing information from many different resources. Reachable has a database of more than 60 million contacts seeded from purchased data bases, public data, company data, as well...

In Sales, “Location, Location, Location” Is Not Always Everything

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With all the changes in business, one thing remains the same: business is about people. Despite globalization, technology revolutions, social networks, and razor-thin competitive margins, business is still about people...

Reachable: 100 billion connections means someone you need to meet knows someone you know

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Joe, who knows my former boss Frank, on the other hand … that’s an entirely different matter. That is the premise behind Reachable, a social connection tool for business-to-business sales...

How to systematize and scale social proximity selling

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Many forward-thinking sales professionals have built their own social selling platforms and strategies, but more and more start-ups are attempting to systematize and scale the execution and impact of relationship-based...

4 Ways to Increase Your Sales Productivity by 243%

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If you’re like most small business owners, selling is the least favorite part of what you do. What if you knew there was an easy way to make it way...

Social Proximity: A Smarter Sales Organization Strategy

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Every good sales professional knows that leveraging personal contacts is a fantastic way to generate leads and close deals. A recent study by Reachable places numeric values on this common...

Reachable Creates Customized Database for Your Small Business

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Rather than searching an existing database for people you already know, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to import your existing contacts from various social media sites into a...

Reachable opens doors for sales opportunities

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If you are one of the many misinformed business people who think good sales professionals should be able to close a deal on the first meeting, it’s time for a...

The Power of Connections

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We’ve all been there – the frustration of trying to reach a prospect with a cold call. If you have no connection to that person, it is twice as likely...

Is Social Proximity More Important Than Geographic Proximity in Sales?

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Are sales territories based on geographic lines still the best way to go about dividing B2B sales leads? What if, instead of the sales representative who happens to be closest,...

Social Proximty

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With all the changes in business, one thing remains the same: business is about people. Despite globalization, technology revolutions, social networks, and razor-thin competitive margins, business is still about people...

Reachable software aggregates social connections

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Should your company assign sales territories by geography or connections? Does someone on your team already know a key contact at a prospective customer? Could someone help close an on-the-brink...

Reachable Builds Out Its Contact Management Product

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Reachable today reintroduced its flagship product, previously known as PeopleMaps, now named after the company itself. Reachable, as the solution’s being called, gives sales professionals new opportunities for success by...

How to Start Your Own “Arab Spring”

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Sometimes, however, Sales just has to do the heavy lifting. Finding a way into a target account can be one of the hardest tasks a sales person has to do...

Reachable Honored as a “Model of Excellence” at DataContent 2012

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PHILADELPHIA, PA — October 10, 2012 - At DataContent 2012, Reachable, a leader in social business solutions, today was recognized as a “Model of Excellence” by the InfoCommerce Group for resetting...

Reachable Brings Social Proximity Selling to

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — September 19, 2012 - At’s [NYSE: CRM] Dreamforce conference, Reachable today announced a new version of their solution that delivers new social proximity selling features for

Reachable’s Enterprise Social Graph Tops 100 Billion Business Connections

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PALO ALTO, CA – (July 19, 2012) – Reachable, Inc., a leader in social enterprise solutions, announced today that a new version of its enterprise social graph has topped 100...

The Value of Personal Connections in Sales

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PALO ALTO, CA – June 5, 2012 Today, we are releasing the results of research we recently conducted to understand the value of personal connections in the sales process; in particular,...


About Reachable

Reachable was founded to help business people leverage their relationships to get business done faster and more efficiently. We did not set out to build a social network with many intrutions into people’s busy lives. Just the most powerful tool ever built to figure out who can help you get things done, in sales, business development, recruitment and other fields.

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"Reachable has enabled us to quickly warm-up prospects and move through the sales cycle in a faster, unique way."

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− Dean Whitney, CEO, Aericon

"To best way to create high value partnerships quickly is through introductions. Between our founders and advisors Reachable can connect us with just about anyone from VC's to brand partnerships"

− Paul Trevithick, Founder, Azigo