Reachable and Social Selling

In our last couple blog posts, we introduced our take on Social Selling and how it is impacting Sales and Marketing.  In this blog post, we will discuss how the Reachable solution supports Social Selling.

Reachable is an online solution that helps business people leverage their personal contacts, and the contacts of others in their organization, to broaden their professional network and reach people they need to know.  Reachable has a number of capabilities that make it ideal for Social Selling…

  • It is not easy these days for a sales person to leverage all of their personal contacts, primarily because they are spread out all over the place – in their email address book, in social networks, etc.  Reachable brings together the various contacts a sales person has so they don’t have to check different places to see if they have a connection with a lead or within a target account.  Once a user has imported their contacts, they can be assured that Reachable is scouring all of their contacts to find potential connections.


  • Leveraging one’s personal network is important but also being able to leverage the networks of others can extend one’s reach dramatically.  Reachable’s ShareGroup feature lets sales people leverage the contacts of trusted associates on their sales or executive teams.  Users opt-in to be a part of a ShareGroup and are able to leverage each other’s collective network as it if was their own.  Contact info (email, phone numbers) are not shared but can be requested from the contact owner.  This lets users take full advantage of the collective network within their company, while maintaining contact privacy.


  • Many sales people spend much of their day working within their CRM system.  Reachable is tightly integrated with popular CRM systems, like, so sales people never have to leave their CRM app to take advantage of Reachable.  Within CRM systems, Reachable uses proprietary algorithms to automatically rank leads, contacts, and opportunities by the strength of a user’s relationship to them.

These are just a few of the Reachable capabilities that enable Social Selling within an enterprise.  To find out more about the Reachable solution, check out our website.

– Perry Mizota, a marketing guy at Reachable

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