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SAN FRANCISCO, CA — September 19, 2012 – At’s [NYSE: CRM] Dreamforce conference, Reachable today announced a new version of their solution that delivers new social proximity selling features for users. The new version gives organizations additional capabilities to use the strength of professional and personal connections – or “social proximity” – to driver higher sales productivity.

“Business is all about personal relationships. People like to buy things from people they know and trust,” said Al Campa, Reachable’s CEO. “Innovative sales organizations realize this and are starting to use social proximity as a way to improve their sales productivity. Assigning key accounts to the sales reps with the best relationships to those accounts is a no-brainer. Reachable now makes this possible across large sales teams”.

New Social Proximity Selling Features

The new version of Reachable enables users to:

    • Compare sales reps and accounts. Reachable enables sales managers to see which of their sales reps have the strongest relationships to target accounts and lets them re-assign accounts within with just a single click.
    • Include customer relationships in an organization’s enterprise social graph. Reachable automatically imports the contacts of an organization’s customers into their Reachable enterprise social graph. Each imported person is added as a Reachable contact for the account owner, greatly expanding their reach to more people and companies.

These new features complement the other social proximity capabilities already in Reachable that enable users to rank their Leads and Opportunities based on the strength of personal relationships.

About Reachable, Inc.

Reachable is the developer of a social enterprise solution that enables organizations to leverage their collective relationships to reach more people and close more business faster. Reachable helps sales reps close more deals, recruiters find more talent, and professionals establish new business relationships. Reachable is backed by Rho Ventures, Signal Peak Ventures, and Parkview Ventures, and is based in Palo Alto, CA and Salt Lake City, UT. For more information, please visit

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