Reachable’s Enterprise Social Graph Tops 100 Billion Business Connections

PALO ALTO, CA – (July 19, 2012) – Reachable, Inc., a leader in social enterprise solutions, announced today that a new version of its enterprise social graph has topped 100 billion business connections.  Reachable’s enterprise social graph consists of public connections derived from the profiles of millions of business professionals and companies, which is then customized for a company with the private connections of their employees, customers and partners.  Reachable enables organizations to leverage all of their relationships to drive much higher sales productivity.

“Companies are sitting on a goldmine of under-utilized social assets – the relationships of all their employees, their customers and their partners,” said Reachable CEO, Al Campa.  “Reachable gathers all of these relationships and combines them with the over 100 billion connections we generated so companies can leverage their social assets and sell more effectively.”

Reachable’s Enterprise Social Graph

Reachable’s enterprise social graph primarily consists of connections derived by intelligently analyzing the profiles of millions of business professionals and companies, which are aggregated from a number of sources.  Connections are determined by looking at various attributes, like work history and educational background, among the profiles.

The enterprise social graph also includes the private connections of a company, enabling organizations to leverage Reachable and its 100 billion business connections.  A company’s connections include employees – and their contacts – customers and partners.  These connections are kept private and are never shared.

Enabling “Social Proximity Selling”

With Reachable, sales organizations can leverage the entire enterprise social graph from within their CRM system and can see the leads, opportunities and accounts where they have strong personal connections.  This enables a new type of sales strategy – social proximity selling – where leads and opportunities are managed based on the strength of personal connections, and not on geographic proximity.  Research recently conducted showed that a prospect is five times more likely to return a sales call if they have some type of connection to the sales person, versus a cold call where they have no personal connection.

Reachable’s new version is now live and is available at

About Reachable, Inc.

Reachable is the developer of a social enterprise solution that enables organizations to leverage their collective relationships to reach more people and close more business faster. Reachable helps sales reps close more deals, recruiters find more talent, and professionals establish new business relationships. Reachable is backed by Rho Ventures, Signal Peak Ventures, and Parkview Ventures, and is based in Palo Alto, CA and Salt Lake City, UT. For more information, please visit


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