Social Selling is Really Marketing by Salespeople

I was quite shocked recently when one of the leading bloggers/consultants of the Social Selling movement felt the need to write about what Social Selling was not.  Basically, she correctly reminded folks that selling is hard — you need to get off your butt, get away from LinkedIn and Twitter, make some calls, visit clients, attend conferences and get yourself known in the community.  With all the hype about Social Selling it was time for someone from the inside to send the wake up call — and implicitly make the case for Reachable.  As one of our users exclaimed to his colleagues about Reachable on their Chatter: “this is money!”

Then what is Social Selling? It’s really simple.  Social Networks have hundreds of millions of members.  They give you the ability to a) establish a presence and to b) promote your presence by broadcasting messages to the community at large or to segments of the community that you “connected with.”  Social Selling is about learning how to have the “proper presence” — is your picture nicely done, is the name of your company properly spelled, are you describing yourself in a way that would make someone want to connect with you and do business with you?  And it is about how to message other people on the network to let them know you exist — do you send them birthday congratulations, comment on their posts, or just send them an InMail and hope they will think you are worthy and return the email?
In the end, Social Selling is really Social Marketing except that now the Marketing Department wants salespeople to do it too.  But the function of Marketing is to generate leads and the Sales Team is to close the deals.  I don’t believe that these distinctions are sacrosanct and they will eventually fade into a new way of doing things.  But today, Social Selling is asking Sales to do Marketing.
Instead, Sales should be closing sales.  And to close sales, you should use Reachable.  Here’s why: all marketing activities result in A LIST.  Recruiters have researchers to create the candidates’ list, Investment Bankers have analysts to create target lists from CapIQ or others, and so on.  In the end, it’s ON THE LIST OR IT DOES NOT EXIST!
Better than anyone else, Reachable shows you how to leverage ALL your connections and the connections of people who trust you enough to give you a partial view into their contacts (like co-workers, partners, vendors, customers) to easily penetrate the target accounts on YOUR LIST.  That’s not Social Selling or Marketing — it’s hard core sales.  If you are not using your relationships to get every tidbit of information, and every possible angle to get to the decision makers (not those with the titles) then you are at a disadvantage.  And if your organization is not working hard to enable you to leverage the relationships of the organization, then it is putting you at a competitive disadvantage.
Reachable can fix this.  You can sign up today for a free trial and use it now for yourself and/or to evaluate it for your organization.  To quote our favorite user of the day, “this is money.”
Laurent Ohana, CEO