The Strength of Weak Ties

At Reachable, we think it is important for sales people to be able to leverage their entire network, not just those people they interact with regularly.  Fast Company recently published an interesting article, “The Unexpected Way To Use Your Social Network Strategically” by Don Peppers, that talks about a principle, “the strength of weak ties”, based on this notion…

Almost 30 years ago, a landmark study showed conclusively that the best leads for job opportunities are more likely to come from your more distant colleagues and friends, as opposed to your closest ones. This isn’t because your close friends don’t give you good recommendations, but because you and your other close friends are more likely already to know about the same job openings, while the job openings known to your more distant colleagues–those with whom you don’t interact very often–are not as likely to be known to your own friends, or to you.

Peppers also talks about how this principle can be applied to B2B selling…

Or consider the question of generating new business in the B2B space, or with regard to expensive, considered purchases. If you use a straight-ahead business-development plan, you’ll develop a laundry list of leads and opportunities to be followed up. While this can be useful, the truth is that a great deal of such business comes in via the referral of others. And how can you increase your access to such referrals? You guessed it–by concentrating on your weak ties, rather than on your strong ties.

We completely agree.  Reachable helps sales people leverage their entire network – strong and weak ties – to uncover valuable connections that will let them close more deals.  It is impossible for a person to keep track of everybody they know, whether it is a former colleague they haven’t talked to in years, or a friend in the neighborhood who they don’t know much about their professional background.  Reachable takes care of all this and we call it Social Selling.  To find out more about the Reachable solution, check out our website.

– Perry Mizota, a marketing guy at Reachable

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